1- No harassment of any kind.

2- No Cheating/Exploiting/Botting.

3- Do not impersonate GMs.  No having GM in Guild Title, or name.

4- No advertising.

5- Do not beg GMs for items/zeny/monster spawns/special treatment or anything else that could give an unfair advantage.

6- No bullying will be tolerated.

7- No spamming in Prontera. This includes spells and items.
(It's ok to use your buff skills and then go, but do not test, repeatedly use, or anything of the sort to cause an annoyance. As the server grows, it will extend to more towns.)

8- Do not flood the GM with reports. (Getting on multiple characters  and telling the GMs about a bug or suggestion)

9- AFK leveling or AFK hunting/gathering of any kind is not allowed.

10- As of right now, I allow duel clienting.  But I do not allow using multi client into WoE.  I do not allow 1 account to level other accounts of same player. I do not allow having duel characters inside the same instance, quest, or any other of the sort.  The Purpose of duel client is for buffs, and trading items between characters.

11- Vending and auto trade merchants are to be in the vending area.  They should not be located on center platform, on the stairs, or near the npcs towards the top.
Merchants will be  jailed until a GM talks with the player.

Punishments will be set by GMs on case by case basis.  The punishment will be to the liking of the responding GM.

Reports can be made in the forums.

08-09 AM MDT10-11 PM MDT
1 O w O 248 172
2 Champorado 209 217
3 Spoon 48 42
4 Helium 44 22
5 Savage 41 37
6 Pocky 36 27
7 Stronk 35 31
8 Alodia Winks 26 17
9 RGmechanics 25 50
10 G 07 20 7