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Author Topic: [Event] Cooking With GM Persona!  (Read 369 times)

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[Event] Cooking With GM Persona!
« on: May 25, 2017, 08:43:52 PM »
Hello Everyone! GM Persona here!

Ramadan is coming! So he is preparing himself for a feast!

But oh no! the enemy is stronger than he could ever imagined!

So, will you help him to cook up a feast this Saturday?

He is counting on Zodiac Braves Warriors!

Only using Fire Magic, Fire Weapon, or Fire Arrows
Those who don't have fire weapon will get fire loader from me
Assassins are NOT ALLLOWED to use any sort of poison
Genetic Cannot use Acid Demonstration or Acid Terror
RK Cannot use Dragon Breath Water
Archbishop may use Aspersio

If anyone caught cheating, I shall release @doommap :3

27 May 2017, 12:00 PM Server Time (Mountain Daylight Time/ GMT-7)

The Menu:
Spicy Beef Steak with Pumpkin Puree
Rainbow Pudding
Miso Soup
Acqua Pazza
Stuffed Dragon's Tail

I shall be waiting for you!


Even when facing a strong enemies

Even though things get difficult

Even though they died a thousand times

Zodiac Braves Warrior Never Quits!

Happy Ramadan to Those Who Celebrate it!
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