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Author Topic: Weekly Server Maintenance  (Read 562 times)

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Weekly Server Maintenance
« on: June 18, 2017, 06:10:31 PM »
This week has been hectic, but here we go.
Updated WoE, Fixed, still working small kinks, but working.
PvP Warper moved to warper. New PvP Rooms. New Mode.
Gold Coin Shop Added by Tool Dealer. (Still in Progress, but functional.)
Custom Card combos, were posted into forum.
Guild Flags moved in Prontera.
Daily events for gold coins added in. (See Forum, Guide, ECT)
Secret Ray Laboratory quest added in ( See Forum )
Skills Updated: (Working on forum list to be more exact)
-- Soul Stirke, Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bold, Thunderstorm, Pheuma, Mammonite, Impositio Manus, Magnificat,
Gloria, Magnus Exorcismus, Fire Pillar, Sightrasher, Meteor Storm, Jupiter Thunder,Earthspike, Heavens Drive, Hammer Fall,
Blitz Beat, Grimtooth, Holy Light, Sacrifice, Throw Spirit Sphere, Melody Strike, Slinging Arrow, Chain Crush Combo, Soul Destroyer,
Focused Arrow Strike, Napalm Vulcan, Ganbantein, Acid Demonstration, Weapon Enchantment, Piercing Shot, Spread Attack,
Throw Huuma Shuriken, Shadow Leap, Shadow Slash, Crimson Fire Petal, Spear of Ice, Wind Blade, Lightning Strike of Destruction,and Kamaitachi
Corrected Sword Stick View Type
Update to Combination Kit
Fixed damage skills which ignored walls.