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Author Topic: [Update] Weekly Server Maintenance  (Read 156 times)

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[Update] Weekly Server Maintenance
« on: December 02, 2017, 05:15:56 PM »
Corrected the bonuses for Flying Galapago and Falconer's Claw.
Added missing item Falconer's Flute.
Corrected Gray and Thanatos equipment sets
Corrected Magical Ring bonus
Corrected Hell Inferno Dark damage behavior
Corrected Wickebine's Black Cat Ears
Corrected Free Cast and Exceed Break walk speed
Updated Heal formulas to match kRO
Corrected Mavka Card item bonus
Corrected St. Patrick's Hat and Green Ale
Initial release of Sarah and Fenrir memorial
Corrected Dark Claw behavior
Added missing warps from dali to dali02, dali02 to dali
Fixed Crimson Saber (Item ID: 13454) equip class requirement
Corrected Endure hit count behavior
Fixes required equipment check for skills
Updated Rebellion class to match kRO
Fixed Zaha Doll Hat not being refinable.
Corrected character slot movement
Corrected Overed Boost behavior
Adjust Wood_Goblin_Card item script from the description
Fixed homunculus being able to attack from Manhole
Implemented Terra Gloria cards
Added AB_RENOVATIO as reproducible skill.
Corrected Elemental Cure healing behavior
Updated Kaite renewal behavior
Corrected Bawaya Agimat Tattoo item bonus
Corrected Elemental flee calculation
Updated Guillotine Poison item behavior
Updated Rune Stone item behavior
Updated Silvervine Root Twist behavior
Corrected the Chorus skills damage bonus
Corrected Fatal Menace behavior
Initial release of Ghost Palace Memorial
Corrected Crimson Spear class requirement
Added support for RODEX
Update Allows families to share exp
Initial release of the Achievement System
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